Explore Budget-Friendly Hair Color Trends Like Low-Maintenance Classic Balayage Or Splurge On An Unforgettable Signature Platinum Blonde!

Discover Color Services: From Essential Root Touch-Ups to Dramatic Transformations

Discover relevant hair color trends at Boho Balayage. We offer traditional French Balayage, root touch-ups, and glamorous platinum blonde transformations to suit your style and budget. Find your ideal hair color with me—I'm here to help!

Classic French Balayage

Delivering natural ribbons of color to accentuate your flowy waves and enhance your hair’s beauty effortlessly, the traditional French Balayage is a timeless and underrated, low-maintenance highlighting technique that offers a cost-effective, beautiful hair option for people on a budget.

Boho Balayage - Hand Painted Highlights

Platinum Blonde & Pastelage

Platinum blonde is more than just a color; it’s a lifestyle and a bold statement of self-expression, often referred to as the “Chanel No. 5 of hair color services.” Achieving the flawless shade of platinum requires an expert bleaching process tailored exclusively to your unique needs. We meticulously consider crucial elements such as your natural depth or level, existing color, and hair texture. However, it’s essential to understand that maintaining this glamorous platinum look demands dedication, time, and resources. Choose wisely before embarking on this adventure.

platinum blonde touch-up before-after
Prices for our services are subject to variation, taking into account factors such as the length and density of your hair and the specific products used.
  • Single Process Root Touch-Up $110

    Select this service if you have existing hair color and need to cover up to two inches of regrowth, whether it's gray coverage or matching your current hair color—recommended routine for best results every five to eight weeks. Please note that this service is unsuitable for platinum blondes.

  • Gloss $100+

    A color gloss is a hair treatment that enhances and intensifies the existing hair color without causing permanent changes. It cannot lighten the hair, but it can effectively blend in gray hair, rejuvenate existing color, and introduce subtle hues and tones that match the natural hair color or go slightly darker. The result is a refreshed and vibrant appearance without the commitment of permanent color alteration.

  • Roots + Gloss $195+

    Color your roots and add a gloss to give your current shade a fresh boost, or add some pizzazz for brilliantly vibrant hair.

  • Single Process (Roots to Tips) $250+

    Opt for this service to achieve a uniform hair color from root to tip with up to two color shade.s If you're a blonde looking to revert to your natural hair color, we recommend selecting our Color Transformation option, which often involves pigment reconstruction for the best results.

  • Back To Your Roots $375+

    Our blonde-to-brunette restoration service guarantees a flawless transition to your natural brown hair color. Our process involves rebuilding lost pigments, resulting in a beautiful, multidimensional brown shade that perfectly complements your skin tone and style. To ensure optimal absorption and maintain hair health, we meticulously pre-treat your hair to equalize porosity and surface. Rediscover your roots and experience the joy of embracing your true, authentic self.

  • Blonde Burst Express $105/hr/5hrs min

    Get ready to fast-track your journey to radiant blonde brilliance, all in just one day, with our signature Blonde Burst Express service. Experience the ultimate transformation as we combine balayage and foilayage techniques, delivering twice the luminous highlights in just one day. Double the highlights, double the glamour!

  • Platinum Blonde Root Touch-up $225

    You'll need a well-structured routine and careful attention to detail to achieve and maintain platinum blonde hair. Schedule root bleach and toning sessions every 5-8 weeks.

  • Platinum Blonde Root Touch-up + Fantasy Color $250

    If you desire a pastel, fantasy color over your platinum blonde, this service is the one to choose. Schedule this bleach and tone service every 5-8 weeks.

  • Platinum Blonde Transformation $105/hr/5hr minimum

    Platinum blonde isn't just a hair color; it's a lifestyle. Achieving this look requires a systematic bleach application, which demands precision and patience to maintain hair integrity. The transformation can take up to 8 hours for those with medium brown or darker hair, varying by length and density.

  • Classic Balayage $275

    Balayage creates a natural, soft look that seamlessly blends as your hair grows, eliminating any harsh lines of demarcation. This allows you to extend the time between appointments, typically 12-16 weeks.

  • Halo Highlights $195

    Halo balayage illuminates and accentuates your facial attributes. This method introduces luminosity to the areas around the face, extending to the nape of the hair while preserving the natural or darker shade at the crown.

  • Roots + Balayage $315

    Cover roots while delicately hand-painting natural-looking highlights onto the crown of your hair. This versatile service, known for its efficiency and affordability, has garnered a loyal following among our clients.

  • Color Correction $100/hr/4 hr minimum

    Choose this option if you need serious help, and be ready to provide photos of your hair for a thorough assessment.

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